5 Document Scanning Myths, Debunked

Is misinformation holding you back from scanning your documents? If so, you may be missing out on a host of benefits for your business. Here we debunk five common myths about document scanning.

Myth #1: Document Scanning is Time-Consuming

Actually, this one is true under certain circumstances: When done in-house, document scanning is a big drain on time and resources. There’s no two ways about it—your staff spends exorbitant amounts of time scanning, you spend a ton of money on equipment, and in the end, you may not even have readable or searchable image files.

The reason this is a myth, though, is that in-house scanning isn’t the answer! What is? Outsourcing your document scanning project! It saves your organization time and money. From preparing your documents for optimal scanning to exporting your image files to digital media or a document management application, the entire scanning process is handled for you by trained professionals. There’s no faster way to go paperless!

Myth #2: Outsourced Document Scanning is Expensive

Costs add up quickly when you scan your documents in-house. The right scanning equipment and software can cost thousands of dollars, and training your staff to digitize information also takes time and money.

Outsourced document scanning is cheaper than a do-it-yourself approach to going paperless. The right provider analyzes your workflow needs so a document scanning solution can be tailored to your budget. All equipment and software is provided at no cost. And best of all, while your documents are scanned, your employees can stay focused on generating revenue for your business.

 Myth #3: Scanning Your Own Documents is Simple

 Nothing is a breeze without the right resources, and document scanning is no exception. A successful document scanning project involves several, detail-orientated steps that require trained personnel and specialized equipment, including:

  • Document preparation
  • File indexing
  • Data entry
  • Image capture
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Quality control checks

Fortunately, a document scanning service makes the process easy by offering all the tools you need to convert your documents to digital files.

Myth #4: You Have To Scan Every Document You Have

Going paperless doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Often, it makes sense to scan your documents gradually, as needed. A scan on demand service offers just that: a cost-effective way to digitize documents only when you need them.

Scan on demand works by combining secure records storage with document scanning. Your documents are securely stored off-site in a records center, and when an active file is needed, it’s converted to a digital image and sent to you electronically. You are only charged per-transaction for the scanning of individual files and can easily build an electronic document inventory over time rather than scanning every document. This saves you from the cost of scanning documents you will never need to access digitally.

Myth #5: Document Scanning Doesn’t Change Anything

This is one of the biggest myths about document scanning. In truth, you’d be hard pressed to find a solution as beneficial to your business as document scanning. Besides the cost savings and increased efficiency, document scanning helps keep your information organized, secure and accessible and your company compliant with legal and regulatory standards.

Document scanning is much easier, more cost-effective and far more convenient than you think!

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