5 Questions for Your Document Scanning Provider

Tired of the stress and inefficiency of your paper-dependent office? Looking to convert your hard copy documents to digital files? Ask these five questions when vetting potential document scanning service providers.

1. What is your background and experience?

Anyone can buy a high-speed scanner and offer “scanning” services. Few companies offer legitimate, turnkey paperless office solutions. Make sure the company you work with has long-standing experience serving businesses in your community. Verify their certifications, customer references, and affiliations with industry organizations.

2. Can I scan just a portion of my documents?

You get to decide what and how much to scan. It may not be feasible or necessary to scan every single file. A qualified document scanning provider offers an in-depth consultation to learn the scope and specifications of your scanning project. Based on this consultation, they offer a range of options for you to choose, from back file scanning to scan on demand.

3. Will I need to prepare my documents before you scan them?

The right document scanning provider will offer a turnkey solution that allows you to stay focused on your business. Your sole responsibility is deciding what documents to scan. Highly skilled and trained scanning technicians handle every aspect of your scanning project, including:

  • Document preparation
  • File indexing
  • Image capture and enhancement
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Post scanning destruction

The result is a paperless solution that enhances your productivity and profitability.

4. Do you offer a document management solution that integrates with my existing workflows?

Striving for a solution that goes beyond storing scanned files in an electronic archive makes sense. A document scanning provider with an electronic document management solution helps your company eliminate expensive and time-consuming manual tracking, filing, and workflow operations. You will want to make sure your scanning provider’s electronic document management software (EDMS) has automation features, can integrate with any existing applications you use, is scalable, and is user-friendly.

5. How do my documents stay secure?

You want a document scanning solution that enhances the privacy of your information. Unfortunately, some companies ship documents overseas to a third party for scanning, putting personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) at risk. Partnering with a locally-owned and operated scanning provider is the best way to maintain the integrity of your information. They digitize your documents at their secure local facility and background-screened scanning technicians handle your files with a strict chain of custody.

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