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Keiffer’s Story ( as told by Renee)

As you may or may not know,  I have a farm with cows and horses and had buried my last dog and my dog heart fifteen years ago.

I really started having “dog pains” and started researching “herding” dogs for the farm.

One day I needed to buy an electric forklift for the shred plant and a salesman for the forklift company came by to see me.  I came to find out that he was from my area a few miles down the road.  Wayne had been raising Australian shepherds for over 25 years and had won numerous awards for herding and confirmation with the breed.

So I went and saw his dogs… and the rest is history. The moment I laid eyes on Keiffer – lovingly called “Tank” in his litter because he was the largest –  I knew he was the one.

But . . . Wayne said he wasn’t for sale.  So I went home and prayed about it for direction.  Two weeks later, Wayne called to say that he was mine!

Keiffer comes from champion bloodlines and is a Frisbee freakkkkk!!  Bold as brass and will go after my 2500 pound Angus bull with teeth showing and not think anything about it!!  He is very protective of me and wants to go everywhere with me (and practically does).

He goes on vacation with me and comes to the ADS office with me daily!!

Over the years, Keiffer has become the security manager here at American Document Securities.

So, going forward, Keiffer will also play a role on the website with his Security Briefings. These will be regular posts on the ADS Blog that give you ideas and more on information and document security.




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