Answers to Your Questions about Offsite Storage

It’s normal to have questions about storing your business documents offsite. After all, your records are one of your most important business assets; you wouldn’t be able to run your company without them. Here, we answer questions about offsite storage so you can make a well informed decision about where to store your documents.

Why Should I Store My Documents Offsite?

You should store your documents offsite for several reasons:

  • To protect them from fires, floods and natural disasters
  • To prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information
  • To reduce in-house storage and administrative costs
  • To ensure compliance with state and federal regulations 

Why Not Just Store My Documents in a Self-Storage Facility?

Storing your documents at a self-storage facility is risky, costly and time consuming. First, you never know what’s stored in the unit next to yours. If there are flammable or combustible items stored nearby, your documents are in danger of literally going up in smoke. Second, security at self-storage facilities is less than desirable. Most offer 24/7 unmonitored access, offering thieves unlimited opportunities to steal your important information. Third, mold and mildew growth as well as pest infestation is quite common during hot and humid months, which can cause permanent damage your documents. And finally, in a self-storage facility you pay for the rental of the whole unit regardless of how much space you use and you have to drive to the facility every time you need a file.

Fortunately, there’s a more secure, convenient and economical option. A records center is designed exclusively for the protection and preservation of paper documents. No flammable or combustible items are allowed inside the facility. Your documents are protected with state-of-the-art security and climate-controlled systems. Access to the facility is limited to screened records management professionals. Plus, you only pay for the amount of storage space you use and have access to professional retrieval and delivery services.   

How Do I Get My Documents to a Records Center?

Transporting your documents to a records center is easy and convenient. A screened and uniformed records management professional comes to your office to transfer your documents to the records center in a GPS-tracked vehicle. 

What Is the Best Way to Keep Track of My Offsite Inventory?

When stored in a records center, tracking and managing your offsite inventory is simple. Barcodes are placed on every box and/or file you store, and retention data for each item is added to a document management system. Secure online access to the system lets you view and manage your offsite inventory at any time. 

What If I Need a Document from Offsite Storage?

When you need a document from a records center you can call, fax, email or make a request online. Your records are then delivered to your office or are sent digitally with a Scan on Demand service. 

How Long Do I Need to Store My Documents?

In order to stay compliant with state, local and federal regulations, you need to keep your records for a certain period of time and then promptly destroy them. Your records storage provider will analyze each industry requirement and law that affects your business and help you implement a retention management strategy.

Having answers to these offsite storage questions will allow you to decide where to store your documents so you can have peace of mind that they are safe, secure and easily accessible.

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