Answers to Your Document Conversion Questions

Having trouble managing your paper records? Converting your documents to digital images offers a host of benefits. In this blog, we answer several common document conversion questions.

Q: How do I convert large volumes of paper records in reasonable time?

A: Without the right resources, document scanning can take weeks or months, and you may end up with a huge volume of unorganized image files. Whether you have a single page or an entire document library, hiring a document scanning provider is the best way to convert your paper records to digital files. Trained scanning specialists prepare, index, and convert your documents while you stay focused on your business.

Q: Should I convert all my paper files to digital images?

A: Scanning every paper file may not be feasible for your business. A scan on demand service offers an as-needed solution for scanning documents. Scan on demand combines records storage with document scanning. Your documents are securely stored off-site in a records center. When you need a file, your provider converts it to a digital image and sends it to your device. You are charged per transaction for the scanning of files, helping you build an electronic document inventory over time.

Q: Can’t I just use my desktop scanner?

A: Desktop scanners are great for imaging one file at a time, but they are not effective for scanning large volumes of paper records. High-speed scanners with integrated scanning software are ideal for handling a range of scanning projects, but they cost thousands of dollars. Buying expensive scanners and software for one scanning project—even a large one—is hard to justify. Partnering with a professional scanning service provider with the right equipment, software, and expertise is more cost effective.

Q: I have oversized architectural drawings. Can I convert them to digital images?

A: Yes. A full-service document scanning provider can convert oversized paper records to digital files.

Q: Where do I store my digital images?

A: A document scanning service offers the option of storing your digital images on a media device such as a hard drive, on a server, or in your preferred enterprise content management (ECM) database.

Q: What should I look for in a document scanning provider?

A: Choose a document imaging provider who is locally owned and with an excellent reputation serving businesses in your community.

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