Document Security Training For Your Staff

We provide document security and information handling training as part of your routine service. The educational training is a video presentation to you and your staff.  The information is to help you safeguard your organizations livelihood and provide legally required compliance training.

Our training combined with our AAA NAID Certification is fast, simple and convenient. It gives you the peace of mind knowing you have complied with regulatory requirements. The regulations also require that you do due diligence on the company you select to do your data and document destruction, therefore AAA NAID certification is a starting point.

How it works

For your Organization

  1. We can provide you with an Information Destruction Instruction Manual and Policy Statement template which you can edit to your organizational structure.
  2. Information and educational pamphlets outlining the Red Flags Rule, FACTA, Reg. S-B, GLB, Georgia SB 475 and if applicable HIPAA/HITECH
  3. We provide an employee acknowledgement form for your HR files documenting their acknowledgement of organization data destruction procedures training.

For your Employees

  1. Employees view a 15 minute EIDT video presentation. The video explains why proper destruction is critical to your organization and to their continuing employment.
  2. Employees are provided with written instructions on your organizations procedures.
  3. Employees verify that they have viewed the EIDT video, understand the written destruction procedures and agree that a condition of their employment includes compliance with these procedures.

To begin this critical process for your employees and staff, please contact us by phone or form. We look forward to helping your company get compliant.






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