Medical Practice Information Destruction Training

The American Document Securities Medical Practice/Facility Information Destruction Training Program (MPIDT) provides our customers help with important, legally required information destruction training.

Industry research indicates that most Doctors and Practice Managers may be unaware of the dramatic new liabilities created by the HITECH modifications to HIPAA. Awareness of mandatory investigation and fines, data breach notification and significantly increased fines have made outsourcing of data destruction a valuable necessity. Recent amendments to HIPAA require that HHS and states’ Attorneys General issue fines for certain HIPAA violations. Discarding PHI without first destroying it is one of the violations specifically referenced as qualifying for the highest level of HIPAA fines, ranging from $50,000 to $1,500,000

Anyone can file a complaint!

Reporting data security issues has become easy and sensationalized by reporters. The revenue from fines is an attractive target to regulators.  A simple form is all anyone needs; perhaps a patient who observes improper information security, a disgruntled former employee, or even your competition that is training and using proper PHI disposal methods. Protection of you and your employees’ livelihood is a primary consideration.

The new dual role of data protection training.

HIPAA requires that an organization document and conduct proper information protection training, including proper information destruction. Furthermore, HHS has said fines will be less for medical facilities that train; those that are negligent in their responsibility and did not train their employees face harsh fines and penalties.

So, training increases employee compliance and reduces fines.

As a one-stop resource for proper data destruction and training; partnering with ADS can save you time and provide you with peace of mind knowing we are  AAA NAID certified.  Since regulations also require that you do due diligence on the company you select to do your data and document destruction, AAA NAID certification is a starting point. And make sure to see “Quality Destruction Service” for a checklist of other qualifications you should consider. Demonstrating HIPAA compliance is important.

To do so, you need a paper trail showing . . .

  • The practice has been destroying materials on a regular basis
  • Employees are trained and understand their information destruction responsibilities
  • The proper care was put into selecting a qualified destruction vendor

Please ask us about our list of references’ which include law enforcement, state and local government, financial institutions, medical facilities, insurance companies, businesses and homeowners just like you.

How it works

For Your Organization

1) We can provide you with an Information Destruction Instruction Manual and Policy Statement template which you can edit to your organizational structure.

2) Information and educational pamphlets outlining HIPAA, HITECH, Red Flags Rule, FACTA, FTC Disposal Rule, GLB, Georgia SB 475.

3) We provide an employee acknowledgment form for your HR files documenting their acknowledgment of organization data destruction procedures training.

4)  Data Safe Zone Counter Stand to reassure patients that the medical practice values the protection of their health information.

5)  Introduction to website tool for information.

For your Employees

1)  Employees view a 15-minute video presentation. The video explains why proper destruction is critical to your organization and to their continuing employment.

2)Employees are provided with written instructions on your organization’s procedures.

3) Employees verify that they have viewed the video, understand the written destruction procedures and agree that a condition of their employment includes compliance with these procedures.

Call us today and schedule an appointment! One of our trained consultants will help you mitigate the risks with a data destruction service and a compliant data security training program.

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My staff and I had the pleasure of participating in an ADS Consulting Shredding & Storage Workshop in April 2011.As a new business, it was critical for us to get off to a good start. The workshop provided us with useful information and practical applications that helped us do that. The ‘hands on’ training experience we received in a successful, working document destruction and storage business environment was invaluable.Renee and her staff were very personable and helpful and continue to be valuable business partners to this day.I highly recommend the ADS Workshop to both new and existing businesses

Rob Giannini, C.O.O.Commonwealth ...