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Looking for an Atlanta shredding service? You’ve found it: American Document Securities.

ADS is Atlanta’s shredding expert. For more than a decade, we’ve specialized in the destruction of critical and sensitive information and documents. We provide our Atlanta shredding customers with peace of mind at affordable prices.

ADS: Defining Atlanta Shredding

If you’re doing business in Atlanta, shredding is everything. If you can’t securely discard hard copy confidential data, old hard drives and broken computers, you’re putting yourself at a decided competitive disadvantage. Every business is also trusted with private information. Employees and customers have the legal right to have this data protected.

Without the proper safeguards, information ends up in the dumpster where it is readily (and legally!) available to anyone who finds it. Any establishment that discards sensitive data without using a shredding service is exposed to the risk of criminal and civil prosecution – as well as the costly loss of business.

Since a business cannot transfer its responsibility to maintain confidentiality and improper destruction is a scary proposition, it must be certain that it is dealing with a reputable Atlanta shredding company that takes superior security procedures to heart.

And that Atlanta shredding company is ADS.

ADS: We are Atlanta’s shredding experts.

As a leading Atlanta shredding company, our clients’ compliance and security is everything to us. That’s why we offer:

  • Unobtrusive single visit or on-going schedules to collect records deposited for destruction
  • Bonded, security-cleared shredding service staff to transport and shred your documents
  • Certificate of Destruction for hard copy records and electronic media destruction
  • Secure disposal receptacles placed in your facility
  • Reliable transport – no break in the chain of custody of your records

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My staff and I had the pleasure of participating in an ADS Consulting Shredding & Storage Workshop in April 2011.As a new business, it was critical for us to get off to a good start. The workshop provided us with useful information and practical applications that helped us do that. The ‘hands on’ training experience we received in a successful, working document destruction and storage business environment was invaluable.Renee and her staff were very personable and helpful and continue to be valuable business partners to this day.I highly recommend the ADS Workshop to both new and existing businesses

Rob Giannini, C.O.O.Commonwealth ...