Backup Tips for Your Small Business

Suppose your computer network becomes infected with a ransomware virus that holds your system files hostage. Imagine your server crashing unexpectedly. Would you be able to recover your data? Backup is crucial for protecting your organization’s continuity. In this blog, we offer several important backup tips for your small business.

Back Up Regularly

If you don’t back up your data, you risk losing it. The whole point of backing up is to provide your small business the ability to restore data from any point in time. Determine how much data you have and how long your organization can survive without it. Then arrange daily, weekly, and monthly backups for full data recovery ability.

Store Backup Media Offsite

Adhering to a regular backup schedule doesn’t help if your backup tapes are stored in one location. Store additional copies in a media vault that offers the following:

  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Media-specific climate control systems
  • Fire detection and suppression systems

That way, if a disaster strikes, your data is in a secure offsite location. An offsite vaulting provider will come daily, weekly, or monthly to transfer your media to the vault and return archival tapes for re-introduction to your scratch pool.

Rotate Your Backup Media

Using just one or two tapes for backup isn’t a wise idea. If you back up daily, weekly, and monthly, use a different tape for each day of the week and separate tapes for weekly and monthly backups. This prevents gaps in your data protection plan. Your media rotation partner can assess your backup strategy and offer a customized media rotation plan.

Test Your Backups

No backup process is foolproof. Tapes, hard drives, and backup software are all prone to failure. Test your backup and recovery processes before an actual data loss incident. Use real-life scenarios to decide whether your backup media and restoration software will work within your disaster recovery plan. Schedule these simulations throughout the year to assess your data loss resiliency and address any potential problems.

Destroy Old Backup Tapes

All backup media eventually becomes outdated. Make sure to have a secure final disposition solution for yours. Data can be recovered from non-working tapes, so partner with a media and hard drive destruction provider to ensure your backup media is destroyed within a strict chain of custody and according to state and federal data privacy regulations.

Without a backup plan, your small business is at risk. Use these tips to keep your data safe.

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