What Can a Scheduled Shredding Program Do for Your Business?

Look around your office. If you see piles of documents in your copy room, handwritten notes on desktops and files stacked in corners, you have a problem. All this paper clutter puts you and your business at risk of identity theft and business fraud. Read on to find out how a scheduled shredding program can help.

How Does Scheduled Shredding Ensure Compliance? 

Scheduled shredding of the documents you no longer need can eliminate the inefficient shredding practices that leave you vulnerable in audits and lawsuits. In-house shredding processes are often inconsistent and don’t offer documentation of what’s been shredded. A scheduled shredding service offers regular, consistent destruction of documents and provides a Certificate of Destruction when shredding is complete which serves as proof that your sensitive information was destroyed beyond reconstruction.

What Does Retention Management Have to Do With Scheduled Shredding?

An effective retention management policy includes a strategy for the final disposition of expired documents. When files reach the end of their retention life cycle, they should be promptly destroyed. Scheduled shredding ensures that outdated and no longer needed files are destroyed on-time and in alignment with your document retention policy.

How Does Scheduled Shredding Optimize Space?

Stored documents take up a significant amount of space which is better used for core business activities. A scheduled shred service helps you get rid of unwanted documents on a regular basis so your office space can be used as efficiently as possible.

How Does Scheduled Shredding Save you Time?

Think of the time you waste using an office shredding machine. First, staples, paper clips, sticky notes and rubber bands must be removed from your files. Next, each file must be separated into easily shredded portions. The shredding receptacle needs to be emptied frequently and is prone to jams which need to be removed. And there’s often a mess of shredded particles to be cleaned up.

With a scheduled shredding service, your time, personnel and resources can be put to better use. Your shedding provider places locked collection containers in your facility. You deposit your old and outdated paperwork in a container for secure destruction. You don’t even have to remove the paperclips and staples from your files. On a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule your containers are emptied by a shredding professional and all information is destroyed for you.

How Does Scheduled Shredding Save You Dollars?

Besides saving you time, a scheduled shredding service saves you money. It eliminates the expense of purchasing and replacing shredders and buying disposal bags. And unlike office shredders, shredding containers don’t need to be plugged in to keep your information secure. As a result, you get a lower electricity bill.

From ensuring compliance, to optimizing space and saving you money, a scheduled shredding service can do a lot of good for your business.

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