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A Look at HIPAA-Compliant Shredding

Even in the digital age, when electronic medical records are the norm, doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals still handle and store paper documents that contain protected health information (PHI). With medical identity theft on the rise, tossing documents with PHI in a trash can or recycling bin should never be an option. In fact, it's against the law to do so. The HealthRead More

4 Surefire Data Security Tips for 2018

In an age where data breaches are a daily occurrence, you can never be too prepared. Data security experts agree that eventually, every company, whether large or small, will be breached. But that doesn't mean you should give up on protecting your data. Here are four tips to keep your information safe during 2018: Read More

Easy Media Storage and Rotation Tips

In the era of cloud backup, offline tape backup still has an important role to play in ensuring swift and cost-effective data recovery. If you're not sure where to start with a media storage and rotation plan, don't be overwhelmed. The following easy media storage and rotation tips will lead you on the path towards data protection success. Read More

5 Good Reasons Your Business Needs an Offsite Storage Solution

Are you still on the fence about storing your records offsite? Don't let a lack of information get in the way of making a smart decision. Here are five good reasons your business needs an offsite storage solution. Read More

Protecting Your Data in the Wake of the Equifax Breach

As new details of the Equifax breach emerge, the business world is on high alert. Now is the time to double down on your security measures. In this blog, we offer tips for protecting your data in wake of the Equifax breach. Read More

How to Make Sure Your Document Scanning Program Is Successful

Are you ready to go paperless? Read More

Tips for Preserving and Protecting Your Important Business Documents

Your business documents are valuable; they contain trade secrets, personal information about your clients and employees, and sensitive financial records. With identity theft and business fraud at an all-time high, keeping them secure is a must. If you have vital documents or archival records, you’ll want to keep them in good condition over the long term. These simple tips will help you preserveRead More

5 Medical Waste Disposal Mistakes to Avoid

In a busy healthcare facility, errors are impossible to avoid. However, some mistakes have bigger consequences than others. A single medical waste disposal mishap can have widespread consequences for patients, visitors, healthcare professionals, and the environment. Here are five medical waste disposal mistakes to avoid: Read More

What is HIPAA Compliant Destruction?

The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires health care organizations and their business associates to “maintain reasonable and appropriate, technical, and physical safeguards to prevent intentional or unintentional use or disclosure of protected health information (PHI).” Although the law was signed into effect over twenty years ago, there is still confusionRead More

What Can a Scheduled Shredding Program Do for Your Business?

Look around your office. If you see piles of documents in your copy room, handwritten notes on desktops and files stacked in corners, you have a problem. All this paper clutter puts you and your business at risk of identity theft and business fraud. Read on to find out how a scheduled shredding program can help. Read More



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