Data Loss Prevention: Five Tips Every Company Needs To Know

It’s new year’s resolution time again. In 2014, it’s a great idea to ensure your company’s digital information is secure by putting a data loss prevention plan in place.

Is your data cup half-empty, or half-full? In today’s world, records management is getting tougher. Companies shred their hard copy documents, but too often forget to lock down their electronic data. That’s a bad idea; according to the 2014 Data Breach Industry Forecast, digital information – on local servers and in the cloud – is still at risk.

What can you do to protect yourself? These five data loss prevention tips will help.

1. Put a real plan in place

In our personal lives, we make sure our wills are updated so our children are left safe. But in our business world, have you done the same? Is your disaster recovery policy written or still in your head? Write it down. Codify it. And make sure your organization knows what – and where – it is.

2. You’re not too small

We all hear about cyber risk and all the data breaches at major companies like Adobe, but that seems so distant from our small little world. But truth be known, data loss prevention is a very real concern, and should be taken seriously. Cyber attacks and security breaches don’t just occur at big firms. They can happen to anyone. Fortunately, though, leading document management tools make advanced security tools available to any company, regardless of size.

3. Share smartly

Data encryption is key, especially when you’re sharing potentially sensitive documents. Hard copies are insecure on their face. Unencrypted email is rife with security concerns. Analyze the tools you’re using, and consider adopting a completely secure collaboration tool, like Cabinet SHARE.

4. All clouds are not the same

Many companies store data “in the cloud.” And that’s fine … as long as they’ve put thought into what “the cloud” is. Cheap commodity cloud hosting services provide little in the way of advanced security or accountability. Before moving to a virtual environment, make sure you ask where data is stored, what security measures are in place and what redundancies prevent potential outages.

5. Do a cost-benefit analysis

No, a proper data loss prevention strategy is not free. But it’s worth it. What would a breach – or a loss – cost you? Months of work? Your clients’ trust? Your entire business? Give it some thought, then contact a records management expert. We’re here to help!


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