Did you know that it can be put back together?

I know the title is kinda crazy, but you are reading it now right?  Did you know that when you shred your own confidential documents into a tiny office shredder you are potentially creating a puzzle a thief could put back together?  Usually everyone thinks that they have done their due diligence when they have shredded their “stuff”, but in reality it is not quite complete.  Here’s why – everything you shred into that small shredder is yours and it is still “together” not mixed in with someone else’s paperwork, right?  So when you empty the shredder, it makes it real easy to find all the pieces and put them right back together!  That’s exactly what happened with Enron back twenty some odd years ago, and it could happen to you today.  You say, no that wouldn’t happen here!  It happens daily – check out the link at the bottom of this page as one story that just happened! This dumpster diver had a lot of patience and a talent for putting puzzle pieces together.  He would take a bag of shreds, divide the contents and assemble the pieces!! He was caught but not before he may have stolen thousands of dollars!  Wouldn’t it be a better idea to use a service that shreds yours and hundreds of other customer documents together so that nothing could possibly be pieced again?  Check out our services today for more information!!




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