Easy Media Storage and Rotation Tips

In the era of cloud backup, offline tape backup still has an important role to play in ensuring swift and cost-effective data recovery. If you’re not sure where to start with a media storage and rotation plan, don’t be overwhelmed. The following easy media storage and rotation tips will lead you on the path towards data protection success.

Take Action

No business, including yours, is immune from data loss. Fires, floods, cyberattacks and natural disasters don’t give advance warning. So if you’re not backing up your data to tape, don’t keep procrastinating; start now.

Back Up More Than Once a Week

Backing up just once a week leaves big gaps in your data protection strategy. Include daily and monthly backups in your routine to mitigate the risk of unexpected data loss. A qualified data protection partner will implement a rotation schedule aligning with your backup schedule.

Don’t Take Backup Tapes Home

Unfortunately, it happens all the time: business owners or their employees take backup tapes home. This should never become a substitute for a secure media storage solution. If the person taking tapes home gets in an accident or isn’t trustworthy, your data could be lost or stolen. Or, if tapes are accidentally left at home, it throws your whole backup schedule out of whack.

Make Secure Offsite Storage a Priority

 Your media storage plan should prevent internal and external data loss threats. Store your backup tapes in a vault where they’re protected from unauthorized access with specialized technology that includes:

  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Media-specific climate control systems
  • Fire detection and suppression systems

Your offsite vaulting provider can come daily, weekly or monthly to pick up your backup media for offsite storage and return archival tapes for re-introduction to the scratch pool.

Use More Than One Tape

Never store your data on just one tape. Use different tapes for your daily, weekly and monthly backups and label each one for tracking purposes. Your media storage and rotation partner provides specialized transport cases that protect your tapes from damage during transfer to the media vault. Store the transport cases in a secure, climate-controlled environment until they’re picked up by a screened data protection professional.

Follow these easy tips to make sure your backup data is protected, preserved and accessible to support your data recovery needs.

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