“Is My Data Safe in the Cloud?” and Other Data Protection Questions Answered

More companies are storing data in the cloud than ever before, but what are the risks of cloud storage? In this blog, we let you know whether your data is safe in the cloud and answer other important data protection questions.

Q: Is my data safe in the cloud?

A: Just because the number of cloud backup services have increased exponentially in recent years, it doesn’t mean storing your data in the cloud is now risk free. First, cybercriminals actively target third- party cloud backup service providers. Even a slight security lapse can result in a data breach. Second, if your cloud provider falls victim to a virus or system failure, you could lose a portion or even the entirety of your data. Third, when you need your backup data it can take a long time to get delivered. Without the right network bandwidth, software, and hardware, it can take days before your data is restored. Offline backup to tape takes these variables out of the equation for a quick and reliable data recovery solution.

Q: How often should I back up my data?

A: The more often the better. A routine backup schedule continuously protects your most important files and applications. Back up your data daily, weekly, and monthly to make sure it can be restored at any time.

Q: What should I back up?

A: Back up any data needed for a fully functional system, including your operation system copies, backup and application software and other data-related devices. And remember to store copies of your backup data off-site.

Q: What should I look for in a media storage facility?

A: Since magnetic media can be permanently damaged from humidity, temperature fluctuations and electromagnetism, a media storage facility must be clean with a stable, monitored environment. It should have fire protection and climate control systems. Security is also particularly important; your tapes should be protected by surveillance and alarm systems. Only screened data protection personnel should be allowed inside the facility.

Q: How often should I rotate my tapes?

A: Every business has a unique backup schedule. Your media storage and rotation vendor can align your tape rotation schedule with your backup routine. Look for a data protection provider who offers a customized tape rotation strategy that integrates with your daily, weekly, and monthly backup schedule.

Q: What should I do with my old backup tapes?

A: Never toss your old backup tapes in the trash as it exposes your data to theft and is bad for the environment. Partner with a media and hard drive destruction service provider so your tapes are destroyed securely and in an eco-friendly manner.

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