Keeping Business Data Safe While Your Employees Work from Home

Stressful times create security vulnerabilities, especially when your employees are spending more time working from home. In this blog, we offer tips for keeping business data safe while your employees work from home.

Secure Networking

The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing a fresh round of phishing scams and network vulnerabilities that put your data at risk. Make sure work-from-home (WFH) employees regularly update company-issued devices and use a password manager when accessing company applications. Since cybercriminals can hack home networks, your employees’ Wi-Fi security should be set to WPA-2 or higher. Consider making a Virtual Private Network (VPN) available to your WFH employees so they can securely connect to your company’s network.

Device Security

Your employees may lack awareness about protecting company-issued devices. Remind WFH employees not to leave laptops or other devices unattended, whether in backyards, on porches, near open doors, or in cars. They should always keep company-issued devices on their person or secured in their home.

Shred Unwanted Documents

In the wake of a global pandemic, reduced business hours and scaled-back operations may offer an opportunity to remove unnecessary, obsolete records and electronic equipment from your facility. Since expired data can fall into the wrong hands, WFH employees should continue to follow your company’s information destruction policy while working from home. A trusted shredding services provider will securely destroy your unwanted paper records and computer media with COVID-19 prevention protocols in place.

Foster a Culture of Awareness

Telecommuting and reduced staffing both have the potential to put data security at risk and increase the potential for fraud and targeted email phishing. Offer instructions and resources for WFH employees to safeguard retention information, and instructions for destroying discarded information and media. The more support you offer your employees, the more your company will weather the storm.

American Document Securities offers shredding, records management, and data protection services for businesses in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

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