How to Make Sure Your Document Scanning Program Is Successful

Are you ready to go paperless?

The decision to convert your hard copy documents to digital images is a big one—but the end result will be worthwhile for your business. Here’s how to make sure your document scanning project is successful.

Get Buy-In

Old habits are hard to break. If your colleagues are accustomed to a paper-based workflow, they may be reluctant to give it up. You may need to show them the many benefits of converting paper files to digital images, such as:

  • Better productivity
  • Reduced paper storage space
  • Improved customer service
  • Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities

The list of benefits goes on and on. Once your colleagues understand how document scanning makes their job easier and improves your company’s bottom line, they’ll jump on board.

Choose the Right Equipment for the Job

Desktop scanners are great for imaging one file at a time, but if you’re planning on scanning hundreds of documents, you’ll need the right machine to handle the job. Multi-function copiers/printers have imaging capabilities, but using them for big scanning projects might impact other workflow processes. Ideally, you want a dedicated high speed scanning machine with integrated scanning software. A variety of manufacturers sell these kinds of devices.

Assign Staff

Converting your documents to digital images takes time and requires detail-oriented staff members. Since your scanning project may take several weeks, make sure they’re able to dedicate the necessary time to the conversion process. Build in training time so they can learn how to use and troubleshoot the scanners and software.

Organize and Prepare

Your document scanning project will go much faster if you take time to prepare and organize your documents before you start. Identify your most active business records; they are the best candidates for conversion. Make sure you have enough space to lay everything out. Remove the staples, paper clips and sticky notes from the documents you intend to scan. Straighten folded or wrinkled edges. Arrange your documents in order so your information is indexed properly during the imaging process.

Focus on Detail

During actual scanning, it’s important to make sure every image is readable and accurate. Quality checks should start at pre-scanning and continue to final conversion. Before reassembling or destroying your original documents verify that every page is captured and converted.

Follow these steps to ensure your document scanning project is a success. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of a document scanning project, a professional document scanning service will provide a cost-effective and efficient imaging solution for you.

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