Why Offsite Storage
Beats In-House Storage
Every Time

There’s no getting around the fact that you have business documents, and your first instinct may be to store and manage them yourself. But unless you have tons of space, an unlimited budget and the right security, in-house storage doesn’t make much sense. Here are several reasons why offsite storage beats in-house storage every time.


Office space isn’t cheap. The average monthly rent for office space in Atlanta is $1.74 per square foot. Considering a standard file cabinet takes up approximately eight square feet of space, the monthly cost of storing one cabinet of documents is almost $14 per month. And this doesn’t even factor in the time and expense of having your employees file and retrieve documents. Depending on the volume of records you have and how often they need to be accessed, in-house storage costs can easily reach thousands of dollars a year.

Storing documents offsite is less expensive than storing them in-house. A commercial records center offers unlimited space to store your hardcopy documents. Specialized racking systems maximize storage density within the facility, reducing your monthly document storage costs. All file management and retrieval is handled for you. Offsite storage frees up your office space for optimum profitability and productivity.

Privacy Protection

Your documents contain confidential and private information, storing them in-house doesn’t protect them from unauthorized access. Businesses are often targeted by criminals hoping to gain access to social security numbers, credit card data and proprietary information. Office break-ins and incidences of employee theft are common.

Every day, companies fall victim to identity theft and business fraud from internal sources. A dishonest or disgruntled employee can steal sensitive documents even more easily than an outside thief. But no matter which method is used, a single privacy breach can result in costly fines and extensive litigation.

Offsite storage protects your documents from both internal and external threats. A commercial records center features state of the security systems that include:

  • Access control and monitoring
  • Video surveillance
  • Integrated alarm technology

Only highly trained and extensively background-screened records management professionals are allowed access to the facility. Each is required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to employment.

Disaster Prevention

 Besides theft, your documents are also in danger of permanent loss from fires, floods and natural disasters. This is why disaster recovery experts recommend storing archival and vital records in a secure offsite facility away from your business.

A commercial records center offers the most secure offsite location for storing your documents. Unlike a self storage facility where your documents may be stored adjacent to a unit containing flammable or combustible material, a commercial records center is designed solely for the protection and preservation of paper records. Files are stored off the floor on specialized shelving units. Best-in-class fire detection and climate control systems safeguard your irreplaceable documents for the long term.

File Management Efficiency

The organization and accessibility of your documents is just as important as their safety and security. Unfortunately, most in-house storage systems rely on time-consuming manual processes for filing and retrieving documents. Offsite document storage saves you time by streamlining your file management processes. A commercial records center offers automated document tracking and management so you never have to leave your desk to find a file. Barcode technology tracks your records, enabling them to be accessed, managed and retrieved through a secure online portal. When a file is requested it’s delivered to you or sent digitally to your desktop with a Scan on Demand solution.

When it comes to choosing the most cost-effective, secure and efficient solution for storing your documents, offsite storage always comes out on top!

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