On-Site or Off-Site Shredding?

American Document Securities is proud to offer our clients both on-site mobile and off-site shredding. We understand that many business owners struggle with understanding which solution best suits their destruction needs. We also realize that choosing the right service for your business is all about being well-informed. As a result, we strive to educate our customers about all records and information management best practices—including document destruction—so they can make the most informed decision for their business.

Each destruction solution has its benefits

On-site shredding has gained popularity over the past several years due to a number of factors including:

  • convenience
  • expedient disposal of business information
  • ability to witness the shredding process

Similarly, the following statements by ADS customers illustrate commonly held concerns about off-site shredding:

  • “I don’t want my documents to leave my premises for security reasons.”
  • “I want on-site shredding services because I want to watch the shredding being done.”
  • “I think it is safer to have the shredding done at my office because I don’t know or trust where it goes if it leaves my premises.”

Yet, while each destruction solution has its benefits, off-site shredding still offers a number of advantages over on-site shredding.

Reconsidering off-site shredding

On-site shredding is not necessarily more secure than off-site shredding. Consider the following:

  • If you have elected on-site shredding, do you or an employee of your company watch the shredding process?
  • If you do not, why is it more secure at your facility than ADS’?
  • If you do watch, do you really know what you are watching?

Additionally, Georgia Law SB475 does not require on-site shredding. Therefore, the extra time and money spent for an on-site solution doesn’t make your company more legally compliant.

A real-world example

The Enron scandal created a myth that all shredded paper can be pieced back together. Enron’s attorneys were able to piece the paper together because the shredding was done with isolated shredders into an isolated container. Since only Enron’s documents were shredded it was no more than a large puzzle to piece back together. This scenario is impossible with American Document Securities’ “closed loop” off-site shredding.

Why is off-site shredding so secure?

Off-site shredding ensures that all of your confidential documents are mixed with thousands of pounds of other customers’ documents. With ADS’ off-site shredding service your documents are picked up and securely disposed of using the following processes:

  • confidential documents are placed within a locked container
  • documents to be shredded are picked up by a trained, screened ADS employee
  • all material to be shredded is placed on a locked truck
  • documents are transported to ADS’ secure shredding facility
  • all records are immediately shredded and baled
  • baled paper is are secured until sent directly to paper mill for recycling

Most vendors that offer only on-site shredding do not bale the shredded paper. Instead, they dump it at a recycling facility where there are no background checks or drug testing required for their employees. In contrast, ADS bales all shredded material and sends it directly to the paper mill for both our on-site and off-site shredding solutions.

Off-site is more cost-effective than on-site

It’s important to factor in all of the hidden costs associated with on-site shredding. Witnessing the on-site shredding process is not a cost-free endeavor. A cost analysis will quickly reveal the expenses associated with staff wages and benefits allocated for the visual verification process. As a result, off-site shredding services overall are more economical than on-site destruction.

Providing you with shredding choices to fit your business needs 

Ultimately, your shredding choice comes down to which solution offers the most benefit for your business. ADS is committed to offering the best value for your dollar. After all, a happy and informed customer is our best asset!

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My staff and I had the pleasure of participating in an ADS Consulting Shredding & Storage Workshop in April 2011.As a new business, it was critical for us to get off to a good start. The workshop provided us with useful information and practical applications that helped us do that. The ‘hands on’ training experience we received in a successful, working document destruction and storage business environment was invaluable.Renee and her staff were very personable and helpful and continue to be valuable business partners to this day.I highly recommend the ADS Workshop to both new and existing businesses

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