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Online Access To Your Records.

InfoKeeper is an Internet solution giving you control and access to your database through a web server from anywhere in the world. Introduced in 1997, InfoKeeper was the first Internet-based software of its kind for the industry and continues to offer the most feature-rich product on the market. Currently supporting over 800 customers globally, InfoKeeper provides you with superior worldwide information management tools.

Perpetual Audit Trail

Intelligent audit controls accurately and consistently provide “cradle to grave” tracking of client information, while incorporating checks & balances to locate items with a complete scan history, including the employee who performed the transaction, the date and time it took place. A barcode reader controls the status of all items – not the work order. Other essential tracking features include:

  • Barcode verification of all transactions.
  • Detailed activity history for all transactions.
  • Item status controlled by laser barcode reader
  • Item status available online via InfoKeeper
  • Eighteen status categories for accurate inventory control.


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