Records Storage

American Document Securities provides the most cost effective Offsite Document Storage Services in Atlanta and Northwest Georgia. Our records storage and information management services support companies in the medical, legal, corporate, small business, and manufacturing industries.

We are a full-service provider of records management and storage services.

It’s Not About the Storage, It’s About the Management

Regardless of what type of item you choose to store with ADS, we provide records management services under a proven process of standard operating procedures that meet efficiency and regulatory compliance requirements. Our fully trained and qualified staff will provide the “hands on” management delivery of all requests your company may have.  ADS has taken every precaution necessary to establish a safe, stable and secure storage services facility.

With vast experience and knowledge obtained through our staff and industry associations such as PRISM and ARMA, ADS has established a standard of business excellence in the records management industry that is second to none.

ADS always puts the best interest of our clients at the forefront each and every day that we execute our professional services.

Your Records – Safe and Secure

You can have the ultimate confidence that your records are safe and secure with ADS. In fact, it is almost a guarantee that your records will be much more secure with ADS than in your own facility.

Why? Our secure facility is designed and constructed to:

  • Comply with the most rigorous industry standards for the safeguarding and accessing of hard copy records
  • Conform to the highest standards for security with 24×7 monitoring by police and fire services and staff

Online Access – Ultimate Convenience, Uncompromising Security

For ultimate convenience, you can access and manage your record inventory through your online web portal. You can have a complete, accurate and customizable database literally at your finger tips. Accessible via our website, online access is a service we offer.

If you need records storage and management services, then give us a call or fill in the form to the right to begin a conversation.



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