The Benefits of a Paperless Office

Are you still sitting on the fence, wondering whether to invest in a paperless solution for your office? Here’s the good news: there’s no better time than now to convert your paper documents to digital files. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of a paperless office.

Cost Savings

Paper clutter impacts your productivity and your wallet. Leased commercial real estate rates have risen during the past several years. It just doesn’t make financial sense to fill your office with file cabinets and boxes of documents. Digital documents are stored on a hard drive or server, keeping your cost per square foot at a minimum. 

Time Savings

Think of how much time you spend digging through file cabinets and searching through file folders to find information. A paperless office eliminates time-consuming document retrieval processes. Your information is always within your reach with an easy click of your mouse.

Privacy Protection

You have a responsibility to safeguard your customers and employees from identity theft. In a paperless office, you can encrypt your digital files and store them electronically instead of storing them in file cabinets that anyone can access.

Document Preservation

When your documents are digitized, you don’t have to worry about torn and dog-eared file pages or spilling a cup of coffee on a document. With routine backup, your digital documents are preserved well into the future. 

Improved Customer Service

Nothing is more stressful than putting a customer on hold while you search for a document. One misplaced file can permanently damage a client relationship you’ve spent valuable time cultivating. A paperless office keeps your information at your fingertips, so your customers always receive the attention they deserve.

 Environmental Sustainability

There’s no better reason for going paperless than saving the planet. According to Going Green Today, “…switching to a paperless system could save up to 1.4 trillion pounds of paper, 728K trees, and lots of CO₂, if everyone did it.” 

Peace of Mind

A paperless office undoubtedly saves money and time, simplifies your business processes, and eliminates chaos. But don’t underestimate its impact on your peace of mind; a paperless office reduces your stress so you get a good night’s sleep.

As you can see, moving forward with a paperless office is worthwhile.

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