The Benefits of Scanning Large Documents

Dealing with architectural drawings, blueprints, maps, and other bulky documents can be a pain. You can’t just tuck them away—and good luck photocopying a large-format file. Fortunately, there’s a solution: large-format scanning. In this blog, we highlight the benefits of scanning large documents.

Easy Storage

Oversized documents take up space and leased office space isn’t cheap, so storing large documents in an office makes little sense. Imagine an office without storage cubbies, bins, shelves, and tubes filled with large documents. Scanning large-format documents allows them to be converted to digital images that can be stored in a cloud platform or enterprise content management (ECM) application. Either way, you gain space and save money.

Simplified Management

Blueprints, maps, and engineering drawings often must be kept forever, but are difficult to share and update. Finding and unrolling them takes time, and everyone must gather around a table to view the information. A scanning solution converts large documents to digital images that are easy to label, manage, and distribute. Instead of having to roll out a large document, you can view it on your computer and share it with others so they can do the same.

Enhanced Disaster Recovery

Every business must have a plan for protecting its mission-critical data. Paper documents don’t survive fires, floods, and natural disasters. Scanning your large documents protects your hard copy information from a wide range of physical threats.

Improved Accessibility

Time equals money, so you can’t afford to waste time searching through tubes of oversized documents. Scanning your large documents makes them accessible and easy to find. A professional scanning provider can label, index, and organize your information to your exact specifications. Your scanned documents can be archived on a shared drive or server so anyone can access them from anywhere in a matter of seconds.

Document Preservation

Over time, blueprints and other large-format documents can degrade. Scanning large documents protects and preserves your legacy information for the long term. You never have to worry about brittle, torn, or dog-eared document pages again.

As you can see, scanning your large documents offers a host of benefits!

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