The Hidden Risks of Self Storage

Don’t have enough room to store your documents? Your first instinct may be to rent a self-storage unit, but think again. In this blog, we discuss several hidden risks of self-storage.

Lack of Privacy

Trade secrets, personal information, and sensitive financial data must be kept confidential. Self-storage facilities do not protect confidential documents from unauthorized access. Access to these businesses is loosely regulated; anyone can come and go at any time. Self-storage units are only protected with padlocks that can be cut off. Because of the lack of security measures, theft at self-storage facilities is common.

A commercial records center is much more secure than a self-storage facility. It features comprehensive security systems that include:

  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Controlled access
  • Video monitoring

The public is not allowed inside a commercial records center. Only background-screened records management personnel may access the facility.

Poor Protection from Disasters

Vital business documents and archival records must be retained for years or decades, and during that time, it’s important to make sure they’re kept in optimal condition. Fires, floods, and natural disaster risks must be taken into consideration. Self-storage facilities do not offer protection from these risks. Units are often leaky, damp, and mold-ridden. And it’s impossible to tell if flammable or combustible materials are stored in the unit next to yours.

Hazardous, non-paper items are not permitted in a commercial records center. Documents are stored off the floor on high-density, specialized racking systems. The facility is kept clean, organized, and the climate is stable. State-of-the-art fire detection, suppression, and document-preservation systems are designed to keep paper records in optimal condition.

Inadequate Retention Tracking

Document storage and retention management go hand in hand. But self-storage units provide the former at the expense of the latter, which means it’s your responsibility to manage your retention inventory.

A records storage service stores your documents and manages them for you. All boxes are bar coded and tracked within an inventory management system. Through a secure online portal, you can view your retention inventory and request documents as needed. Your records are delivered to your office or scanned and sent digitally to your computer with a Scan on Demand solution.

As you can see, a records storage and management service offers distinct advantages over self-storage.

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