The Top Benefits of a Digital Office

The Digital Office Defined

The digital office extends far beyond the physical office and continues to evolve. With the use of digital technology, employees can live in a collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment. The digital office offers a potent combination of technologies, platforms and tools that can be used to deliver effective business results. These tools include:

  • Social and collaborative tools
  • Communication and messaging apps
  • Tools for cloud storage
  • Corporate intranet platforms
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Sharing and storing of documents
  • Content management systems
  • Internal and external content sharing tools
  • Integration of mobile devices

Digital Office Benefits

1. Flexibility

Staff can benefit from an increase in flexibility in their work schedules and environment. With the ability to connect from anywhere, employees are not restricted to a physical location or a defined work schedule. This creates a better blending with their own unique lives and personal work ethics.

2. Affordability

When the necessity of in-person collaboration is eliminated, a variety of costs are reduced. Travel, office space overhead, and furniture expenses are decreased and sometimes eliminated. Work environments become homes, remote locations, restaurants and even parkland.

3. Productivity

With the ability to communicate and share documents immediately at any time, projects and decisions can be undertaken more quickly. More work can be accomplished in less time. A CoSo Cloud survey indicated that 77% of employees who work remotely reported greater productivity and 52% were less likely to need time off.

4. Revenue

By combining the reduction of costs and the increase of productivity, you create the potential for increased revenue. Organizations that have successfully implemented the digital office have seen a 43% increase in revenue.

5. Communication

The availability of a vast array of innovative apps has increased and improved the exchange of ideas between every employee, including the communication between upper and lower management. This also offers the opportunity for an increased sense of belonging. Employees can experience direct connections as well as group collaborations through text, verbal, or visual contact from remote locations.

6. Recruitment

With a broader reach made possible by the digital office, employers have the ability to seek top candidates internationally through networking sites like LinkedIn. Top candidates are attracted to the more advanced and progressive work environments. LinkedIn can boast that 44% of their users have a take home annual salary of more than $75,000, which is above the national median in the US.

When it comes to records management, it is vital that your provider is digitally compatible with your digital office, offering the most advanced records management technology available.

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