The Top Reasons Your Business Needs Offsite Records Storage

Are you stressed-out about your inability to manage an ever-growing pile of paper records? Is the threat of identity theft and business fraud keeping you up at night? Here are the top reasons your business needs an offsite storage solution.

The Unexpected Can Happen

There’s a tendency to only plan for the events you can control, but preparing for catastrophic events is just as important. An unexpected disaster can throw your entire business into a tailspin. That’s why having a disaster recovery plan is crucial. Offsite storage integrates document protection and preservation into your company’s disaster recovery strategy. Your documents are stored in a record center where they’re safeguarded from fires, floods and natural disasters.

Internal Threats Are Real

Most organizations focus on external risks without giving internal threats the attention they deserve. A high percentage of corporate data breaches occur from unauthorized employee access to confidential documents. Offsite storage reduces both external and internal threats to customer and employee privacy. Your documents are stored in a records center with 24/7 security monitoring. Each stored document is tracked with a unique barcode and managed by background-screened records management professionals. Only pre-authorized personnel within your company may request access to records stored offsite.

Storage and Compliance Go Hand-in-Hand

The following federal laws regulate the privacy and accessibility of personal, financial and protected health information (PHI):

  • GLB
  • SOX

Failure to comply with these regulations can result in monetary fines and/or civil suits. Offsite records storage and management exists as a secure and streamlined way to handle your business records in a manner that complies with state and federal laws.

In-House File Retrieval Is Inefficient

Productivity takes a big hit when you are forced to sift through boxes and file cabinets to find a document. In-house file management and retrieval is inefficient by nature. Too many documents are misplaced or misfiled.

Offsite storage enhances your productivity. Your documents are tracked in an inventory management database with integrated barcode tracking technology. You have a complete, accurate and customizable database at your fingertips. With the click of your mouse, you can access, manage and request file delivery through a secure online portal. Based on your preference, your files are hand-delivered to your office or sent digitally with a Scan on Demand solution.

Offsite records storage offers your business a host of immediate and long-term benefits!

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