Time In A Bottle

Have you stopped to think about today yet? Have you stopped to appreciate the car you drive or the house you live in? What about today . . . are you living with past problems or old scars that keep popping up seemingly every other moment of the day? Did you take a moment to pet your dog this morning as you left or give your child an extra hug before school today? Does tomorrow’s schedule overwhelm today’s dreams and joys?

If you are like me, I need to start living in today . . . not yesterday or tomorrow but today, and understand that I can’t change yesterday, and I am not promised tomorrow. So if I keep thinking about yesterday and tomorrow where did today go? Where am I living? Will today become another oblivious day in the thousands before it, without a good memory or a smile to say, Oh yeah I remember that!! Make today the best day of your life . . . make it an unforgettable day just for you!



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