Tips for Moving Towards a Paperless Office

I would like to say that challenging your staff to use up all their paper to beat the world record of 227 feet for the longest paper airplane throw is a great move towards a paperless office – but it isn’t. You would just be replicating an aircraft boneyard. It would be a great way to build staff morale, but I’ll leave that for another day. Here are some better tips for moving towards a paperless office.

  1. Lead the Way

The main reason your office is still paper dependent is probably because there is a lack of motivation and leadership to change the way things have been done. Your staff members are likely ready and willing to change. You just need to lead the way!

  1. Recruit Others

Start by designating department heads and create a committee to initiate the plan to change. When you help them understand the benefits of saved time, energy, and money, they will be motivated to carry on. The finance department will likely be the most challenging because of the fear of losing compliancy, but getting rid of paper processes actually lowers your security risks.

  1. Get Organized

You may be thinking, scanning documents isn’t going to get rid of paper if it already exists. But scanning documents is the first stage of moving towards a paperless office. By creating an organized system that everyone follows, dividing the work among each department and shredding expired documents, you will be able to digitize your mounds of files. Once your files are scanned and organized systematically, you can then continue digital operations by utilizing email for transactions, and online forms for documents and payments. A move towards using online payment systems, which will avoid writing and receiving checks, will save paper and the cost of envelopes and stamps, all of which will help transition you to your paperless goal.

  1. Consider Outside Help

Even after you have led the way, recruited staff support and trained them about being paperless, you will be amazed at the benefits of utilizing outside professional help. Here are some services available that will help your business transition to paperless.

  • Back-file scanning is the process of replacing large volumes of documents with digital images. Regardless of your document format, a records management company can accomplish this challenging task. Outsourcing your back-file scanning will allow you to focus on becoming a paperless office while still serving your clients.
  • A record storage management center will relieve your business of the burden of storing files onsite. Your files can be stored safely and securely at their location, which frees up your available office space.
  • Scan on demand is valuable if you have a large number of documents that rarely or never get accessed. With your documents stored offsite, you can request an immediate scan of what is needed and receive it digitally.
  • One-time shredding will take care of the unneeded receipts, letters, and files that have passed their retention period. Utilizing the services of a NAID AAA Certified shredding company will ensure your information is properly destroyed and follow state and federal laws regarding protected data.

Going paperless may be a huge leap and might require some organizing and outside help, but the outcome of increased productivity, efficiency, better customer service and lower costs is worth it. It will also help your business to be more environmentally friendly.

If you are considering going paperless, the staff at American Document Securities are experts at Electronic Services and can help you make the transition. We also offer record management, document scanning and NAID AAA Certified shredding services to make the task of going paperless as simple as folding a paper airplane. Let us help you take flight! Give us a call at 877-527-5237 or complete the form on this page.

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