Tips for Preserving and Protecting Your Important Business Documents

Your business documents are valuable; they contain trade secrets, personal information about your clients and employees, and sensitive financial records. With identity theft and business fraud at an all-time high, keeping them secure is a must. If you have vital documents or archival records, you’ll want to keep them in good condition over the long term. These simple tips will help you preserve and protect all of your business documents.

Keep a Current Document Inventory

To protect and preserve important business records, you have to account for your entire document inventory. It’s not enough to throw everything in boxes. The better your grip on your document inventory, the easier it is to retrieve important business information. Keep a current document inventory to ensure easy access to your information and stay compliant with local, state and federal retention requirements.

If this process is too overwhelming, engage a records management provider to build a complete file-level inventory of your business records. A team of dedicated indexing specialists will categorize and label your documents and files so they meet retention requirements.

Safeguard Vital Records

Vital records are business documents considered essential to the survival of your organization and may include:

  • Client contracts
  • Shareholder records
  • Financial and insurance information
  • Tax files

Protecting and preserving your vital records means your business can continue to operate after a disaster, so you’ll want to choose a reliable and secure off-site storage facility to store them. A commercial records center features:

  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Climate control systems
  • Fire detection and suppression technology

When your vital records are stored in a records center, they are tracked with barcodes and retrieved and delivered by background-screened records management professionals following a secure chain of custody.

Destroy Old, Outdated Records

Obsolete business records take up valuable office space. The longer you hold onto them, the greater your exposure to identity theft and business fraud, so it’s recommended that you destroy any records that have reached the end of their retention lifecycle. A one-time shred service eliminates the time, risk and stress of using an office shredder to destroy expired business records. Your documents are picked up from your office and transported to a shredding plant for secure, shredding. After shredding, you receive a Certificate of Destruction to prove your legal compliance and for auditing purposes.

Protecting and preserving your important business documents helps your organization stay competitive, efficient and secure.

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