Why Outsourcing Your Scanning is a Smart Business Decision

Digitizing your paper records can seem like an overwhelming proposition. Scanning a handful of documents is manageable, but scanning hundreds or thousands of documents is another ballgame. You need the right equipment, specialized software, and dedicated, skilled staff. In this blog, we explain why outsourcing your scanning is a smart business decision.

Quick Retrieval of Documents

Rifling through file cabinets takes time. After a document scanning provider converts your paper records to digital files, you can access your information from a variety of digital devices and never have to manually re-file documents. Digital filing systems reduce the amount of time it takes you and your employees to complete tasks.


Federal privacy laws place tight restrictions on the access and sharing of personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI). An outsourced scanning solution offers a documented chain of custody for PII and PHI. Scanned documents can be password protected to prevent unauthorized disclosure.

Better Data Security

Outsourcing your scanning improves the security of your information. Confidential and sensitive digital files can be encrypted, password protected, and stored on a secure server or online document management system.

More Office Space

The real estate required for on-site storage of documents can be expensive, and may be better used for offices, production facilities, and other revenue-generating uses.

Unlike paper records, digital files do not take up office space. Thousands of scanned documents can be stored on thumb drive or server so you can recapture space for profitability.

Improved Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen and paper records are damaged by floods, fires, or human error. Outsourcing your scanning reduces the risk of losing records should the unexpected occur. Scanned files can be backed up to a portable media device or stored in the cloud.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Paper-based business processes are slow and laborious. When you outsource your scanning, your customers receive quicker responses and seamless, personalized service.


Paper dependency harms our planet. Printer ink and copier toner contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic metals that pollute the water and soil. Outsourcing your scanning reduces your carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

When it comes to document scanning, outsourcing is a smart business decision.

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