Your Money’s Worth

I think sometimes we get into an everyday grind and don’t really think about how valuable some things really are. I’m not talking about your morning coffee or the greeting cards in the pharmacy but about your private information. I will ask somewhat of a “stupid” question but let me ask it anyway – what is a dollar worth? Does it have the same value as say the deed to your house or a cash value insurance policy?

The answer would be no of course, but go with me here . . . a records management business like ADS takes everyday shredding and storing of your documents as seriously as if we were handling dollar bills. Why? Because that is how we distinguish ourselves from the competition of recycling companies who take no measures to insure the safety of your documents, current or past their retention. If you had a bag full of dollar bills that you needed transported from one location to another, you would be very selective on who you hired wouldn’t you? Well why is that different than confidential information? So in reality hard copy information is money . . . just in a different form.

Think about that the next time you need a quote for shredding or storage companies, and ask questions about their integrity, insurance and certifications before you make a quick knee jerk decision as to who is “the lowest price”. You may not get the lowest price, but you will get your money’s worth!



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